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Bharat Jhunjhunwala

  • Focus List and Market Timing Model

  • Handholding Live Sessions

  • Access archive of gold mine sessions, scanners and revision videos

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Unlock the power of world-class trading training and with us. Our service is designed to provide you with the knowledge, market monitoring and accountability tools to take your trading skills to the next level. With us, you can rely on a carefully calibrated compass with the highest quality training available. We also provide timely guidance & handholding to ensure you don't miss out on any excellent trading opportunities.

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Bharat Jhunjhunwala's program offers you the opportunity to benefit from his time-tested teaching and bring the latest insights into your everyday trading. Unlock the potential of your knowledge and skills today!

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The Master Trader Program

The Following Services are Included with your Premium Membership

Proprietary Market Timing Model Scanners

The market timing model keeps you on the right side of the markets every time. It provides you with the right environment to trade also guides you about the right direction of the markets at a single glance! Get access to all the premium stock scanners to scan stocks.

Master Trader Program Video Archive

100 Hours of deep learning. Learn to catch moves from 5% to 100% with super performance module. Master price action momentum.

Learning community live interactive sessions

Become part of the most premium skilled community of learners. Our members are from various backgrounds experiences trading like a pro they never backoff to help new learners.

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Connect with bharat one to one discuss all your Practice bottlenecks.


Access our Online Training Room - see live charts of top stocks picks, set-up criteria, specify entry & exit techniques, a review of general market analysis as well as questions answered LIVE.

Stay Market Ready

Staying up-to-date with significant stock market movements, such as advances, pullback purchases and overall market circumstances with our analysis.

Market timing indicator

Our proprietary model gives you the insights to track, analyze, optimize and perfect your Trading Knowledge.